My journey in chemistry began in 2011 with my Master's internship at the Sorbonne University, where I worked on the synthesis of mesoporous materials and their functionalization for heterogeneous catalysis.
In 2011, I received a Marie Curie fellowship to pursue a PhD program working on the synthesis of functional non-oxide ceramic nitrides for hydrogen storage and production. In 2014, I received my PhD from the University of Montpellier. In 2015, I recieved 2 awards for "Best PhD thesis" from the national group of ceramics GFC (Groupe Français de la Céramique) and the international ECERS (European ceramic Society).
I continued my research activity as a post-doc at Paris Cité University, working on microstructuration and chemical functionalization of surfaces for dew water harvesting where I got to learn how to combine soft chemistry with microfabriction and microfluidics.
I continued my post-doctoral experience at Collège de France, to work on the manufacturing of biomaterials for tissue engineering.
In 2017, I returned to Montpellier and became an associate professor at the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Montpellier, University of Montpellier. My teaching activities include lectures and practical courses on the chemistry of inorganic materials. In my research work, which I lead at the European Membrane Institute (IEM), I am interested in the development of ceramic and composite materials by additive manufacturing for energy, environmental and health applications.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and hiking with my child.

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International Collaborators :
Pr Gurpreet Singh (Kansas State University USA)
Pr Nicholas Bedford (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Pr Silvia Giordani (DCU Dublin, Ireland)
Pr Cecilia Silva (Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brasil)
Pr Camilo Zamora Ledezma (UCAM Murcia, Spain)

UL-CNRS (PI) 2024-2026
Local Funding University of Montpellier (PI) 2024-2026
ANR Tremplin ERC (PI) 2024-2026
ANR JCJC (PI) 2020-2025
ANR PRC (Collaborator) 2022-2026
ANR PRC (Collaborator) 2021-2025
ITN (Collaborator) 2023-2027
UL-CNRS (PI) 2018-2023
Local funding (PI) PAT 2022-2023
UM-Cote d’Ivoire (Co-PI) 2021-2024
UM-Cote d’Ivoire (Co-PI) 2020-2023
Local funding (PI) PAT 2019-2020
CNRS PEPS (PI) 2018-2019
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Caryn Youssef

PhD student

Caryn (1st year PhD) is working on the design of new catalysts supported on 3D printed ceramics for the thermal hydrogenation of CO2. The project is funded by University of Montpellier in collaboration with CNRS-Lebanon.

Chrysanthi Gkili

PhD student

Chrysanthi (1st year PhD) is working on the design of bimetallic Cu/M catalysts via electrodeposition for the electrocatalytic conversion of CO2. The project is in collaboration with Dr Damien Voiry (University of Montpellier) and funded by MSC Actions.

Mathilde Moderne

PhD student

Mathilde (2nd year PhD) is working on 2D membranes for water treatment. The project is in collaboration with Dr Damien Voiry (University of Montpellier) and funded by ANR-PRC.

Hippolyte Dory

PhD student

Hippolyte (3rd year PhD) is working on 3D printing of ceramics for water treatment and catalysis. The project is funded by ANR-JCJC.

Kanga Marius N'Gatta

PhD student

Marius (3rd year PhD) is working on 3d printing of cellulose based nanocomposites for bone tissue engineering. The project is in collaboration with Pr David Boa (Côte d'Ivoire University).

Bonito Karamoko

Former PhD student (2020-2023)

Dr Karamolo defended his PhD in July 2023. He worked on the elaboration of ceramic and 2D based porous composites for electrochemical applications. The project was funded by Côte d'Ivoire university. He is currently a postdoc fellow at IEM.

Joelle El Hayek

Former PhD student (2019-2022)

Dr Joelle El-Hayek worked on 3d printing of bioceramics for bone tissue engineering. The project was in collaboration with Pr Mirvat Zakhour (Lebanese University) and is co-funded by the Lebanese university and CNRS. Joelle is currently a postdoc fellow at CEA-France.

Quentin Hanniet

Former Phd student (2018-2021)

Dr Quentin Hanniet worked on the microfabrication of ceramic and composites MEMS for electrochemical applications. He is currently a post-doc fellow at ICGM Montpellier

Ghenwa EL Chawich

Former PhD Student (2018-2021)

Dr Ghenwa EL Chawich worked on 3D printing of non-oxide ceramics and is currently a post-doc fellow at ICGM, Montpellier

Theresa Keller

Masters 1 Internship 2021-2022

Mohamad Najib

Masters 1 Internship 2021-2022

Issoufou Gado

Masters 2 Internship 2020-2021

Joelle El Hayek

Masters 2 Internship 2018-2019

Georges Matta

Masters 2 Internship 2018-2019

Moustapha Boussmen

Masters 2 Internship 2017-2018

Benjamin Sauldé

Masters 1 Internship 2017-2018

Christy Fadel

Masters 2 Internship 2017-2018

Gabriella Lucena

Engineering Student

Gabriela is an engineering student at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier and is specializing for her engineering degree through the "Engineering research Option" (Parcours Recherche Ingénieur). Gabriela is working on 3D printing of Ceramics as catalyst supports for heterogeneous catalysis.

Bérénice Blanc

Engineering Internship 2018-2019

Odile Jean

Engineering Internship 2018-2019

Alexandre Fouillard

Engineering Internship 2019-2020

Marie Guenault

Engineering Internship 2019-2020

Camille Gollion

Engineering Internship 2020-2021

Martin Masdupuy

Engineering Internship 2020-2021

Henry Price

Engineering Internship 2021-2022

Sophie Justus

Engineering Internship 2018-2019

Jake Regler

Engineering Internship 2018-2019

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Book Chapter:
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We are constantly looking for highly motivated masters students, PhD students and Post-Docs to join our team.
If you are interested in:
  • 3D printing, microfabrication
  • Ceramics/ bioceramics
  • Porous materials
  • Catalysis
  • Hydrogen production
  • CO2 reduction
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Post-doc position

Montpellier, France
A Postdoc position is available from September 2024 for a duration of 18 months under the supervision of Dr. Chrystelle Salameh. The project is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The research will be conducted at the European Institute of Membranes (IEM, CNRS UMR5635, UM, ENSCM) at the University of Montpellier.
The project focuses on the design and development of catalytic nanoclusters on a state-of-the-art ceramic support fabricated by stereolithographic 3D printing to create complex ceramic supports. These supports will not only ensure exceptional stability, but will also feature complex morphologies meticulously optimized to enhance reactant flux and interactions with catalytic sites. Two key objectives will be addressed in this work. Firstly, the postdoc will design light-sensitive inorganic precursors for catalyst support. Secondly, he/she will explore the catalytic behavior of 3D-printed catalyst systems, focusing on their efficiency in CO2 hydrogenation, serving as exemplary reactions.
The research will involve a multifaceted approach, combining materials synthesis, catalytic testing with advanced characterization techniques.
Candidates must have a PhD in chemistry, materials science or catalysis. We are looking for bright, motivated candidates who are able to conduct fast-paced research in a team-oriented environment and have good oral and written communication skills. They should have experience in materials synthesis and characterization as well as heterogeneous catalysis. Knowledge of 3D printing is desired but not required. Interested candidates should submit a CV, brief cover letter and two recommendation letters to Dr. Chrystelle Salameh by email:
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